First Priority: Build System

Our "Very-Alpha" build system. A basic result of what it can do so far. We are currently adding more buildings and programming them as we go.

In the screenshots, you can see the road system is already working. You can already lay down the road system for your city. We also added a basic house. We finished coding the house. Houses will have occupants with varying skills and personalities. The head of the household will be presented with a bill at every financial cycle for rent, or if you need a cash boost, you can put the house up for sale.

What we want to do:

  • We want Citizens to work in jobs where their skills lie, or if there is no jobs matching their skills level, to take on minor jobs that they have skills for.
  • Citizens must pay their bills to the city, which means they must have a job. If they don't have one, another family member may stand in for the rent. If nobody has any money, the citizens will be evicted. It will be the players responsibility to make sure the right jobs are available for the citizens in their city, or to supply educational facilities that will train them.


To get to this goal, we need to add Job Sites, more housing, Educational Facilities and methods for citizens to travel apart from walking everywhere..

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